2024 CCAR Committee Chairs

Awards Committee
Chair:  Gail Noles
Vice Chair:  

Community Service
Chair:  Dave Robinson
Vice Chair: Laura Young

Constitution and Bylaws
Chair:  Mike Maret

Vice Chair:  TBA

Diversity Committee
Chair: Naomi Rodriguez

Education Committee
Chair: Annie Hammontree

Historical Committee
Chair:  Sue Crawford
Vice Chair: TBA

Membership and Attendance
Chair: Violeta Tomas

Vice Chair: 

Nominating Committee
Chair: Talli Williams

Program Committee
Chair:  Tyna Stevenson

RPAC/Legislative Commitee
Chair: Alyssa Perry
Vice Chair: Talli Williams

Strategic Planning

Chair: Tyna Stevenson

Chair: Betzay Valencia-Lopez
Vice Chair: Mandy Hayes

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Carolyn Roan
Talli Williams



Debbie Daniels
Sheila EdwardYvonne OttsJohnny Wade